Log In vs Login vs Sign In

This is a subjective question, but as a team you may need to come to an agreement on what is 'right' for your product. Here

Angular URL Encoding

Recently a project I was working on required the ability to URL-encode various strings in order to create mailTo: links on the fly. Since more

Decrease PNG size by faking opacity

Because the PNG format can compress solid colors more efficiently than opacity (info at the end), if we flatten any opacities before exporting the image,

Seed iOS Simulator with Contacts for Testing

Recently I was tasked with building a custom contacts display/picker for iOS using JavaScript. I needed a way to test my code against a

Vim - Jump to CSS definition from HTLM class or id

Recently I came across a great Vim function on Stack Overflow. Once added to your .vimrc, it allows you to jump from a class or

Download 320kbps MP3s from your premium Spotify account.

Recently I ran across a Node.js library called Spotijay which allowed you to download Spotify playlists to your harddrive and keep them synced. While

Show the Finder status bar in OS X 10.8 and later.

The Finder status bar offered a quick reference to how many files/folders existed in the current directory along with your harddrive's available space. Finder,

Git Commits: Year In Review

A few years ago I saw someone post a video they created by capturing a picture from their webcam each day and then combining them

Ever wondered where the title 'UX' originated?

It seems we can track it back to the early 1990s at Apple. Coined by none other than the influential author of The Design of

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